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An essential part of your music marketing

One of the most critical pieces of your music marketing plan has to be your mailing list or band newsletter. You do have a mailing list right?!?

The ability to keep in touch with your fans, let them know when you're playing and keep them up to date about your new CDs is essential!

With the increased cost of postage and the fact that most people have email addresses these days - email is the way to go! The more you can automate the signup process for your newsletter and it's delivery the better. You've got more important things (like working on new songs) to be manually adding and deleting people from your mailing list!

The best way to automate the whole process is though the use of an "autoresponder". An autoresponder is an automated email system. You can setup forms or specific email addresses that when used automatically add someone to your mailing list. The system maintains your list for you! Then when you want to send a message to everyone you just log in and blast your latest news and info all your fans!

There are a lot of systems available today to help you maintain your mailing list. In fact if you have your own website you might want to check with your web host to see if they provide any autoresponders built into your account. Most are basic though and might not provide all the features you'd want.

I have evaluated most of the companies that provide this type of service and I feel you get the best features for your money from Aweber.

Aweber allows you to easily setup an automated mailing list or newsletter. In fact you get an unlimited number of autoresponders for one low monthly fee so you can automate all of your time consuming email tasks.

I use this tool for all of my email marketing and promotion. In fact this is the very service I use to maintain and send out our "Message in a Bottle" email newsletter.

Go by their site and check out a demo of how the system works. You'll be amazed and not only will it save you hours of time each month . . . it will help give you and your band the professional appearance to succeed in today's music business. Check out AWEBER Today!

In the next few months I'll be launching a free email course on how to setup your own automated mailing list to promote your band. Make sure to check back and learn how to take advantage of this powerful tool!


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