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Some links and articles to help you generate a BUZZ about your BAND!

To find more fans, sell more CDs and fill your shows - you need press. It's a simple fact of the music business. But without a label behind you - how do you go about creating a buzz about your band, upcoming shows or your new CD?

Well - as with many things on the path to Indie Music Success you need to Do It Yourself, at least in the beginning. So here are some links and articles to help you on your way!

PR WEB (Distribute Free Press Releases)
This service is great! If they accept your release they will post it on their site and circulate your news item to media outlets at no charge. (Go by their site and search for other music releases to get some ideas and perfect your style!)

Yahoo! Music
Yahoo's music directory is a comprehensive list of quality links! You'll find hundreds of music biz links on this page. Check out the news and media sections for some good PR links.
This site has lots of good information including articles, news and a directory of music writers and photographers (along with their web site and e-mail addresses).
This is a database of magazine and newspaper links, separated by category.

Bob Baker's GETTING PRESS Column
Bob Baker is the author of "Branding Yourself Online: How to Use the Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field" and the "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook." Bob's column "Getting Press" which appears on has lots of great tips and ideas to help you with getting press for your band. (Scroll to the bottom of this article to see links to all the past articles in this column - lots of great stuff!)

Also check out 2 of Bob's great books
to help you with your quest for press:

Killer Press Kits
The 29 most important elements in creating sizzling music publicity materials. Make sure your media kit gets noticed by editors, writers, booking agents, program directors and other industry people. Limited-time offer! Read more ...

Online Music PR Hot List
101 places to submit press releases, get reviewed, uncover PR connections and promote your music on the Internet. Supplies the exact web site and e-mail addresses for submitting your music news. Read more ...

Market your Music
To succedd as an indie musician you'll need press and exposure for your band. Here is some help on your quest for press:
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