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Here is our review of some of the best so you know what to expect . . .

There are lots of sites on the web that allow you to list information about you, your band and your music online for free. Being that exposure and reaching as many fans as possible is the name of the game . . . get yourself listed on as many as possible!!

To make this easier for you we had one of our MusicIsland editors (a musician himself with a working band) check out some of the tops sites. Here is his review and grade on each site. We have also provided a link so you can easily click on each one and get yourself listed!

TIP: The quickest and easiest way to approach this is to go to one of these and take the time to fill out all their forms. In doing so create a Word Processing document with all the info you fill out (like bio, band members, song titles, etc.). It may take a while to fill out the first one as you come up with all this info but they you can easily copy and paste it into the forms on the other sites!



This site was bought by CNET and is currently undergoing a major overhaul. Check them in 2004 for their new site and services.


Good one. I have been on soundclick for a few years already and upon going back it’s clear that they have improved the site. You can put a lot of info about the band and the songs you upload. They’ll give you a mailing list and a message board as part of the free membership. I loaded the songs from my computer with a DSL line and it took only a couple of minutes. They also have a great feature…the MP3 slurp that pulls a song from another web location very quickly. GRADE: B+


This is pretty basic. You can enter a fair amount of information about your band but no pics or sound files. They do have a place where you can enter a link to where there are samples of your music or music for sale. GRADE: B

Gig America

This was the first time I’ve seen this page and I’m impressed. Great design, looks like a lot of resources and they don’t hard sell you the upgrades like MP3 does. There is a step by step wizard to help you set up your band page and it is very easy to follow. You get pics, a bio, song files, contact info, gig swap…Nice job! I’m uploading songs here now and it’s going very quickly. GRADE: A+


Not great. The design is messy and hard to navigate, like a guy who has a desk only he can find stuff on, and I’m having some trouble uploading an image. The songs seem to load pretty fast, but I still haven’t been able to load a pic. They do let you post a good amount of information, songs and stuff. One unique feature is that they will let you sell single downloads, or make a CD for sale. OK. GRADE: C+

Sonic Garden

Very nice. Sweet design and easy to build an artist page. They have a gang of resources and everything is easy to find and easy to change. I like the music upload because you can add multiple songs at one time…pick your songs and go make a frickin sandwich, very cool. Also one of only a few sites I’ve seen that will let you upload a video. Yeah! GRADE: A

Indie Launch

This sight is alright. The site construction is a little cumbersome and in my opinion they have too many "required" fields, like why do they need to know the date a song was written? It’s pretty easy to follow though and the uploads seem pretty quick. GRADE: B

Just started and I like this site already. They give you a breakdown of exactly how you’ll build your page. The process is simple, they walk you through it and they have a lot of resources. You can load up to 10 songs! Also one of the few sites that allows you to alter color scheme, fonts and the general appearance of your personal page. It’s cool, but you can get caught up in it.

To upload songs you must enter their length and a description. I like the option of doing that, but don’t like when they make me. I’m uploading a song now, but they don’t give you a status bar so it’s hard to tell if it’s working or how long it will take. The upload speed wasn’t terrible, but I’m a sucker for a status bar…or at least something to tell me it’s working. Overall, pretty good. GRADE: B+

Independent Music Network

Good site. Easy to set up your page and you get to enter all your info and enter links to songs you already have on the web all on one entry form. Their main shtick is that they put out a catalog you can sell your CDs in, the artist gets $6 per. The band site is bare bones…no pics and only links to songs you already have posted. GRADE: B

Online Rock

This site seems to have a lot of resources but is a little hard to follow. It appears that you can create an entire website for your band…not something I’m really interested in as I already have one. I registered easily enough, but it looks like this is more a site for someone who doesn’t have a website. They want me to choose a web editor and the whole ride. Could be cool, but the jury is still out. I’m looking at a guys site right now and it looks like a full fledged web site. Again, if you didn’t have a band site and wanted someplace to point people this might rock. GRADE: ??

Garage Band

I’ve been on garage band for close to a year. They closed and then reopened without the "record contract contest" bait they used to have. It’s strengths are also it’s weaknesses; you have to review 20 pairs of songs to post a song to garage band. It’s cool that people are forced to participate, and by participation they mean listening to random songs and reviewing them.

Unlike MP3, promoting your songs like mad will not help you, all the songs get the same number of reviews and you can’t choose what to review. It’s a unique concept and I don’t know of any other site that does that. It’s also interesting because they encourage and reward people who write actual text reviews and give feedback, this allows you to see what actual random people (mostly musicians and music lovers) think about your tunes.

The flip side is that if you want to post a lot of music you have to listen to a lot of random songs (mostly trash, lets be honest here) and write some kind of review. You do get to put pics and info on your band page before you load songs. A great site, but time consuming. GRADE: B+

Corner Band

Not bad. They sell a number of membership packages for prices ranging from 20 to 200 dollars. Their free package is very basic and I haven’t yet been asked to post a picture or songs, just a brief description of the band and stuff like location and style of music. GRADE: B

Music Scene Online

Nice design but a bit confusing to build an artist page. Also doesn’t give you a progress meter when uploading materials but it seems to go pretty fast. You can post a photo and music, I’m still waiting to find out if you can post more than one song. OK it said my song and picture were uploaded but they don’t appear on my preview page. Good looking site, but not very intuitive. GRADE: B-


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